"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." -Hippocrates


Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine that is used throughout the world, it supports our body’s unique ability to heal itself on a very profound level.

Today’s life style regularly presents us with many new types of stress, food additives and environmental pollutants which challenge our body and make it difficult to maintain a good level of health. Now day we are seeing an increasing number of people struggling to overcome all types of illnesses.

Symptoms are the body’s way of “taking action” to overcome an illness. A Homeopath takes all the symptoms into account and then carefully selects a remedy. The remedy stimulates the body’s natural defense system, which then creates the information required for the body to heal itself; achieving a positive outcome for a person’s wellbeing on all levels.

Homeopathy is safe to use on children, adults and animals and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I expect from a Homeopathic treatment?

    Homeopathy does not suppress your illness, it relieves acute illness by moving you through your symptoms faster to a positive outcome.

    When taking a Constitution remedy a mild heightening of symptoms may be felt in the first seven days as the bodies vitality starts to create healing, your body then relaxes into a new state of balance.

  • What are remedies and How are they taken?

    In Homeopathy the word Remedies is used instead of drug or medicine because it is just that, “A remedy for your bodies situation” that has caused symptoms.
    Remedies are potentized tinctures that are placed on sugar lacto pillules or place in a carrier of water and brandy.

    They are dissolved in the mouth on a clean pallet. To get the best results from your remedy food is not consumed for 15mins either side of taking a remedy.

  • What is a Constitutional Remedy?

    If a person has been suffering with a dis-ease of the body or the mind for some time their constitution (health, vitality and physical wellbeing) may not recognize the body’s symptoms and lose the natural ability to resist illnesses and heal itself. A deeper action remedy is then called for on a Constitutional level.

    When a Homeopath takes a Constitutional case, not only is the person presenting illness addressed but all aspects of their character along with their health history since birth. A remedy is then prescribed that will builds their resistant’s to illnesses making their constitution stronger.

  • I am on prescribed medication can I still take a Homeopathic Remedy?

    Homeopathy can be taken alongside conventional medicine and is a wonderful when supportive a person through rehabilitation or palliative care. Medication should be talked about during the consultation as this may alter the way a remedy is prescribed.

    A person who has been on long term medication can benefit immensely without having to stop their doctor’s treatment.

  • Is there any side affects when taking a homeopathic Remedy?

    Homeopathy is one of the safest natural forms of medicines we have and will not produce side effects.

  • How long and often do I have to take remedies?

    All remedies are prescribed on the individual needs.

    When a person has an acute illness, a series of remedies are given at frequent doses which stimulates the bodies self-healing ability; helping them to move through
    their illness faster.

    If a Constitution remedy is prescribed a person may only need to take a few doses to stimulate the bodies natural healing ability.



Adult Homeopathy Consultation

Adult Homeopathy Consultation

Initial 90 minute

Adult Homeopathy Consultation

Adult Homeopathy Consultation

60 minute follow up

Child Homeopathy Consultation

Child Homeopathy Consultation

Initial 60 minute appointment
for under 14 age

Child Homeopathy Consultation

Child Homeopathy Consultation

40 minute follow up appointment
for under 14s