“When you live guided by intuition rather than thought, your life dances like writing on water, fresh and untraceable.“ - Mooji


My awareness all began as a child, living in Taranaki, New Zealand, where I spent many hours playing and chatting with twin spirit children. I could see them as clear as other members of my family and I naturally thought everyone could see them.

I had a very visual mind and when I listened to people speaking, I could see their journey unfold before me. Unknown to me then I was also seeing their outcomes.

I moved to Victoria, Australia in 1986. There I meet a group of healers and my intuitive abilities started to open to a whole new world, leading me to have trust in my intuition.

I became interested in all aspects of metaphysical knowledge and healing arts. This led me to complete a 2-year course in New South Wales, studying, Chinese Philosophy, Esoteric Healing, Intuitive Readings and Past life Therapy.

In 1994 I moved back to New Zealand with my partner and became very interested in mindful meditation. I spent the next 10 years studying meditation while raising our three children. I also became interested in Homeopathy and regularly used Homeopathic remedies for my family’s health needs.

In 2002 I approached a Health & Wellbeing Centre in Morrinsville and began working as an Energy Healer, intuitively providing health readings as I worked.

At this time, I was seeing wonderful results in my children’s health through Homeopathy, which led me to study the 1-year Certificate at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy, 4 years later I had completed my diploma of Homeopathy.

In 2004 the Centre I was working at, in Morrinsville was about to close. It was for this reason that I took on the management of that Centre, whilst continuing to grow in my intuitive work.

My passion has always been the intuitive healing work and in 2018 I completed my practitioner's Certificate in Chiron Healing® a unique form of Energy Healing that balances patterns in the aura. I also completed my certificate in Homeobotanicals which has been a wonderful addition to my set of services.

My Intuitive Energy work is unique and has helped me to achieve deeper healing with longer-lasting effects for my clients and my Homeopathy knowledge has added further value in supporting and helping clients become aware of what is happening in their bodies, and how to change their life to a better path.

As one of my clients, you will be able to benefit from a more holistic approach to your health needs through the layers of natural health services I’m qualified to deliver.