"A Healer does not heal you, A Healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself."
-Maryam Hasnaa


Chiron Energy Healing is a body healing technique performed by drawing energy through the hands into the Auric Field.

Around every physical body is an electromagnetic energy field created by moving molecules within the body. If you have the ability of seeing auras, then you will see that an intricate pattern lies within the Aura.

This pattern relates to every aspect of your life, similar to the DNA of the physical body, the pattern holds the blue print to your life’s plan.

Take a moment, to imagine your energy pattern as a blank artist’s canvas, when a life is decided upon we bring together all the aspects that will help us complete this life and place it all onto the blank canvas.

Our uniqueness is reflected in the colours we choose; how we plan to achieve this life is seen in the texture of our painting, and like any painting over time, it can collect dust, fade or even crack.

The journey of the painting is similar to the journey of human body, sometimes the choices we make in life don’t always take us on an easy path and this can reflect in the auric pattern, and eventually our body becomes stressed, overloaded and sick.

The techniques used in Chiron Energy Healing gentle clear the aura and strengthen the pattern, similar to cleaning the canvas and aligning the picture.

This creates clarity in your life journey, decisions are easier to make, thus helping you move forward. Your body will reflect this clarity in its natural state of health.

Also Available

Energy Pamper This treatment starts with a basic Chiron Energy Healing and then incorporates a gentle light massage that stimulates the Energy lines of the Hands, Feet and Head using chosen aroma essential oils that gently stimulate the energy flow throughout the body.

This relaxing pampering treatment will take you to a whole new level of relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Chiron Energy Healing?

    Chiron Energy Healing strengthens the physical body and relieves stress this promotes a healthy body and mind; creating inner peace. By working in the Etheric Energy field (the Auric energy that lies close to the physical body) illnesses can often be detected and cleared before they manifest in the body.

  • Can anyone have a Healing?

    Healing can be received at any age.

    If unable to physically come for a treatment due to hospitalization, live at a distance or physically can’t lie for any length of time, absent healing can be a wonderful alternative.

  • What will I Expect?

    Treatments are received fully clothed lying on your back or sitting in a chair. This is your time to receive healing, so conversation is kept to a minimum. If you require time to talk about your situation and what you have been going through, a longer appointment time can be arranged.

  • How will I feel after a treatment?

    Often after a treatment a person can feel physically lighter within themselves, calmer in their mind and a general feeling of peace.

    People who live a very active life, may feel tied after a treatment, this is due to the body fully relaxing to receive the work given.



Adult Chiron Healing®

Adult Chiron Healing®

Consultation and treatment
Allow 90 minutes

Adult Chiron Healing®

Adult Chiron Healing®

Energy Pamper
Allow 90 minutes

Adult Chiron Healing®

Adult Chiron Healing®

Treatment only
Allow 60 minutes

Chiron Healing® for Children

Chiron Healing® for Children

Children 12-17
Allow 45 minutes

Chiron Healing® for Children

Chiron Healing® for Children

Under 12 years
Allow 45 Minutes